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Personalized Support When Making Important Estate Decisions

Whether you have thought about how to organize your estate before or circumstances forced the issue upon you, realize that every family’s estate requires a unique approach. No two estate plans will be exactly alike. Furthermore, despite the many DIY resources out there, nothing will replace the experienced guidance of a qualified estate planning attorney.

Led by lawyer Michelle Beltrano, the team at Beltrano Law, LLC, in Riverside, Connecticut, has the requisite experience to help you and your family make important decisions. We listen to your immediate concerns and wishes for the future and then tailor a comprehensive solution designed to mitigate liabilities and maximize asset protection.

Protecting Your Assets And Your Family’s Welfare

Michelle and her legal team provide knowledgeable, tailored counsel on how best to safeguard your assets as well as the continued welfare of your loved ones through:

Practical, Compassionate Experience With End-Of-Life Issues

As a health care attorney and registered nurse, Michelle is uniquely qualified to represent patients and families as they navigate today’s health care system and beyond. From the intensive care unit to long term care and hospice, Michelle can educate her clients and their families about immediate financial and legal nuances in the health care system and ensure their estate plan protects them through acute phases of illness as well as at the end of life.

The Importance Of Drafting And Updating Your Estate Plan

Leaving your estate’s administration up to the court means that your property and assets may end up in the hands of those you did not wish. Without a will, the court must rely on Connecticut’s probate laws to account for your estate’s assets, identify heirs, pay state and federal estate taxes and creditors, and disperse remaining assets to the identified heirs and beneficiaries. This process is complicated and often expensive for your estate and heirs, especially unmarried partners and members of the LGBTIQA+ community.

Michelle and her legal team can help you mitigate these risks by setting up the most appropriate vehicles to maximize your asset protection. Even if you plan to protect assets through trusts, a will may still be useful in telling the court how to proceed with the administration of your estate.

We also regularly assist those who wish to update their wills because they:

  • Had or adopted a new child
  • Got divorced or remarried
  • Moved from a different state
  • Became a grandparent
  • Purchased out-of-state property
  • Experienced other changes that require making updates
  • Diagnosed with a chronic or acute medical condition

How Can We Help You?

To discuss your specific concerns with our firm, contact Beltrano Law at 203-340-2610 to arrange an initial consultation with attorney Michelle Beltrano. Evening appointments are available by request.

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