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Medicaid/long-term planning is something that many people think they will have time to deal with later. Despite the urge to procrastinate, now is always the best time to start planning for tomorrow. Medicaid is designed to provide financial assistance to cover long term care in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and custodial care in the home. However, there is a financial means test to qualify for Medicare that involves a five-year look-back at your assets. This means that if you have given assets to loved ones during that time period, you will most likely be expected to spend that dollar amount from your own pocket before Medicaid will contribute to your care expenses. That is why it is important to protect your assets now when you are healthy and not in need of care.

At Beltrano Law, LLC, we are proud to help clients throughout Connecticut with long-term care planning needs. We help our clients prepare for all the challenges that may come with the financial aspects of at-home custodial care or entering a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Your Long-Term Planning Options

Long-term planning is based mainly on your financial situation and medical needs. We work closely with each client to develop a custom-tailored plan that considers your unique situation, the tax consequences of the choices you make and your family situation. The goal is to transfer assets to loved ones to protect them from the possibility of a Medicaid asset spend-down. We can guide you through long-term planning and help you with all of your estate planning needs.

Prepare For Tomorrow With Our Help

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