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Strategic Partnerships With Health Care Providers In Southern Connecticut

Beltrano Law, LLC, provides detailed and comprehensive legal counsel and representation for health care providers throughout Connecticut. Led by Michelle Beltrano, a lawyer and registered nurse with over two decades of health care experience, our team of professional experts advises physician groups, accountable care organizations (ACOs), home health care centers, skilled nursing facilities, physical therapy groups, urgent care centers, ambulatory surgery centers and private practitioners.

“I know first-hand how hard health care providers work — most of the time without time to eat — to comply with the myriad of government regulations while simultaneously providing the best care to their patients. My mission is to help providers stay in business and provide the best quality patient care while also ensuring they receive the correct reimbursement for their services. With my help, providers can actually sleep at night and focus on their patients.” — Attorney Michelle Beltrano

Practical Experience In Health Practice Management And Regulatory Compliance

The goal of our health care law practice is to provide clients with the informed counsel, strong support and professional resources they need to operate successfully. Beltrano Law provides cutting-edge representation for health care providers, suppliers and businesses faced with a wide variety of practice management and compliance issues, including:

  • Survey and inspection support of long-term care facilities
  • Excluded provider compliance
  • Government audits and agency inspections
  •  Policies and procedures
  • Health care transactions
  • Assessments of compliance effectiveness
  • Provider contracts and agreements
  • Billing and reimbursement compliance
  • Health care administrative agency hearings and appeals
  • Payer disputes, compliance and investigations
  • Data breach notification compliance
  • Managing conflict of interest matters
  • Risk mitigation and management
  • Accreditation and medical licensing
  • Data privacy and security issues
  • Purchase and sale of medical practices
  • Practice formation and corporate structure
  • Mandatory compliance programs
  • Education and health care training
    • Compliance training
    • HIPAA training
    • OSHA training
  • Matters involving Anti-Kickback Statute and physician self-referrals (Stark Law)
  • Counsel on compliance programs
    • Mandatory compliance programs
    • Compliance program review, development and implementation

Whether preparing an emergent response to an unexpected audit or representing individual physicians in employment agreement negotiations, our firm’s professional team brings a unique combination of legal experience in health care compliance, real-world clinical expertise and a vast network of resources to serve our clients.

“I have worked with hundreds of medical residents and physicians throughout the years who, after completing four years of undergrad, four years of med school, three or more years of residency and two to four years of fellowships (or more), simply wanted to break out on their own and provide the best medical care possible to their patients. They do not want to spend 95% of their time on regulatory red tape.” — Attorney Michelle Beltrano

Contact Our Firm For Experienced Health Care Law Services

Beltrano Law, LLC, seeks to help independent health care providers balance excellence in patient care with effective practice management so as to drive continued profitability and sustainability. Contact our firm in Riverside at 203-340-2610 for more information about how we can help your practice thrive.

If you are visiting our office, it is located at the intersection of Putnam Avenue and Westview Place facing Putnam Avenue. To access our off-street parking, turn onto Westview Place to enter the parking lot directly alongside our building.